Monday, June 4, 2007

VaNo Cheerocracy

I've joined the Vagabond Novel Writing (VaNo) groups started by the most excellent group of aspiring writers Romance Vagabonds. I'm currently musing on a Regency-set historical story. This is my third project.

My first project was a medieval set in Scotland; the second was set in early 9th century Saxon England. I wrote the first one in an out-of-order, scenes-by-whim basis, and it was a huge mess.

For the second project set in northern England of the early middle ages, I tried the sequential, discover-as-you-go-along method, which had the unfortunate side effect of me writing myself into a corner and having the plot peter out before the end. Ick and double ick.

This time around, I've done some thinking, scribbling, character bit work, place research, etc. Now I want to write a detailed synopsis before I begin on the actual story.

I won't pitch at National 2007 in Dallas, my first RWA conference, but will do so at National 2008 in San Francisco.