Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Day Friday: Louis XIV's Red-Heeled Shoes

Check out the shoes King Louis XIV of France is sporting. Love those high red heels with bows on the instep.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Punsters: A-maizing People with Home-groan Wit

According to writer and humorist Richard Lederer, the National Save the Pun holiday is celebrated in early January. (Now, I can find no reference to this holiday other than in Lederer's books and on his site, but let's not let facts get in the way of a few laughs.)

The following ones are taken from his book Word Wizard and his website...

A good pun is like a good steak — a rare medium well done.

What do you get when you cross a gorilla with a clay worker? A Hairy Potter!

Don't be a carbon copy of yourself. Make an impression.

As one frog croaked to another: Time’s fun when you’re having flies!

Students, sharpen your pun cells, and let's get right to wit.

The difference between a champ and chump is u.

Hard work is the yeast that raises the dough.

How do construction workers party? They raise the roof.

Did you hear about the lost sausage? It was the missing link.

One of the greatest men of the 20th century was the political leader and ascetic Mahatma Gandhi. His denial of the earthly pleasures included the fact that he never wore anything on his feet. He walked barefoot everywhere. Moreover, he ate so little that he developed delicate health and very bad breath. Thus, he became known as a super callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Vikings Are British Museum

The Vikings: Life and Legend exhibit at the British Museum is from March 6 to June 22, 2014 in the Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery.

This is the first major Viking exhibit at the British Museum in over 30 years. The exhibit is pulled together with collections from the National Museum of Denmark and the National Museum in Berlin, in addition, to the British Museum's archives and from elsewhere in Britain and Ireland.

The Sainsbury exhibit will focus not just on Viking in the UK, but also on the role of Vikings in Europe, "from the Caspian Sea to the North Atlantic, and from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean," according to the BM.

"At the centre of the exhibition will be the surviving timbers of a 37-metre-long Viking warship, the longest ever found [...]. The ship, known as Roskilde 6, was excavated from the banks of Roskilde fjord in Denmark. The surviving timbers—approximately 20% of the original ship—have now been re-assembled for display in a specially made stainless steel frame that reconstructs the full size and shape of the original ship. The construction of the ship has been dated to around AD 1025." Due to the size of the ship and age, it's been categorized as a royal ship associated with King Cnut's wars.

I saw this ship when I visited the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum in 2002. This is the first time, the ship will be traveling to the UK.

Other key exhibits include real Vikings and gold.

Excavated skeletons from a mass grave of executed Vikings near Weymouth in Dorset will provide authentic Vikings as part of the exhibit devoted to showing what happened to the Vikings in England.

The Vale of York Viking hoard will be shown in its entirety for the first time since it was discovered by metal detectorists near Harrogate in 2007. I blogged about it here. "Consisting of 617 coins, 6 arm rings and a quantity of bullion and hack-silver," it is one of the most significant of Viking finds. Some of the treasures of the hoard are clearly stolen treasures from far-off lands.

"The Vale of York hoard includes objects coming from as far apart as Afghanistan in the East and Ireland in the West, as well as Russia, Scandinavia and continental Europe. Represented in the hoard are three belief systems (Islam, Christianity and the worship of Thor [Nordic religion]) and peoples who spoke at least seven languages."

Oh, how I long to be in London in the spring! Well, of course, I'd rather be in London any time of the year, but to be able to see this with my own two eyes...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Picture Day Friday: An Alley in Provence

A small alley-way in Provence...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 TBR Reading Challenge: Women Who Dared

As part of Wendy Crutcher's 2014 TBR Challenge, here are my brief comments on Women Who Dared by Evelyn Beilenson and Lois Kaufman.

An inspiring look at women throughout western society (with very brief forays into other nations) who took courageous leaps of faith in their respective fields and succeeded despite heavy odds. It's a mini book with a page devoted to each woman, a quote by her, and may include her photo on the facing page.

Well-known women, such as Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Coco Chanel, Helen Keller, Jane Goodall, Clara Barton, Mother Teresa, Golda Meir, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Amelia Earhardt take pride of place.

Controversial women, such as Hilary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Madonna, and Oprah Winfrey also figure in the pages of the book.

Lesser known but just as vital women are also featured. It were these women who I found most interesting, because if I had not read this book, I would not have learned about them anywhere else. And their stories deserve to be told and to be heard. They are: Marian Anderson (legendary classical singer and civil rights trailblazer), Margaret Bourke-White (first woman war correspondent), Rachel Carson (founder of the modern environmental movement), Shirley Chisholm (first black woman elected to the Congress), Katharine Graham (first female media mogul), Martha Graham (pioneer of American modern dance), and Mary Lyon (founder of the first women's college). This is but a small listing of the pioneering women; the book covers many more.

The book dust jacket says: "Countless daring women have paved the way for future generations by pursuing their passions, however humble or outrageous. On the road to achieving your own dreams, be bold, be ambitious, and be inspired by those who came before you."

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Librarian and an Author Explain What the Romance Genre Is

Image is copyrighted by NPR and the On Point with Tom Ashbrook radio show. With Valentine's Day just past and every news outlet, including NPR, scrambling to talk to romance writers and readers and to marvel at how much money this industry amasses, this interview by NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook with public librarian Wendy Crutcher and erotic romance author Angela Knight is very timely.

Have a listen here to the interview.

Here're some excerpts that I may have paraphrased as I typed as fast as my fingers were able to while listening to the podcast.

People who don't read romance have an idea of who reads romance: classic spinsters, unsatisfied housewives, women missing something from their real lives, etc. Rather, the readers cover every demographic, race, gender, economic scale, etc.

Almost all genre novels deal in positive endings. But romance gets knocked for it for being unrealistic.

It is insulting to imply that women are incapable of separating fiction from reality. [KS: Does this get said of sci-fi/fantasy novels or thrillers or murder mysteries?]

[Wendy:] People who read romance are looking for a good story that will sweep them up and carry them away, for strong emotional connections and human emotions, and for connections to the characters. I like when an author can make me forget that I'm reading about a fictional world with fictional people. I am looking for a little bit of emotional truth that speaks to me.

[Angela:] Basic core conflict in romance is always trust. Trust is the big defining thing in all relationships. If you can't trust somebody, then you don't have a relationship with that person. So romance novels work on establishing trust between the characters.

[Wendy:] Love and romance are universal desirable emotions. They're tangible, understandable, relatable emotions. People love the journey of the characters, the struggle, to get to love where they share their lives together.

[Wendy:] You know you're a great public library when there's something on your shelf to offend every person who walks in the door.

[Angela:] Ninety-nine percent of women write romance, 90% of women read romance, 90% of editors are women. So women are not constrained by what men might think about it. So in a sense it is a subversive feminist literature. Heroines do what they do because it enhances their lives.

[Male Caller:] I have read romance since I was fifteen. I still read them. I am disappointed that romance isn't marketed more towards male readers. I run a bookstore and have my collection is romance, because it's a genre that covers all the other genres. Emotional connections between individuals are missing from other genres like sci-fi, fantasy, and murder. So if you read romance, you can read romantic suspense to get the murder side of the stories and also the emotional connection.

Listen to the entire podcast to find out what romance is to modern-day readers.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Conversation About Jo Beverley's Book "An Arranged Marriage"

Here's a detailed, passionate conversation on Twitter about @JoBeverley's books, in particular, "An Arranged Marriage" and "An Unwilling Bride." Also involves some of JoBev's other books.

The blog begins when I enter into the conversation. Debaters are: @GrowlyCub, @Miranda_Neville, @jobourne, @JanetNorCal, @OkanovicM, @badass_romance, @RoseLerner, @emilyjanehubb, @Kaetrin67, @IsobelCarr, @buriedromance, and @KeiraSoleore.

Read from the bottom up for full elucidation. Blame for any conversational errors are to be directed to TweetDeck.

@KeiraSoleore: Blogging discussion. Hard work. @GrowlyCub @JanetNorCal @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @RoseLerner @emilyjanehubb

@willaful: @GrowlyCub No no, it's ny favorite Beverley. :-) @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @IsobelCarr I'm so glad, was starting to think I was only 1 @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @RoseLerner @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@IsobelCarr: @Miranda_Neville @GrowlyCub @jobourne @RoseLerner @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance I'm another Francis/Forbidden fan.

@OkanovicM: @Kaetrin67 @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I think I am going to find continuing storylines fascinating

@Kaetrin67: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville the HEA. But I completely bought the conflict, both times.

@Kaetrin67: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville the author chose to show the long term effects and threaten

@Kaetrin67: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I liked Nicholas and AAM. But find it fascinating that

@GrowlyCub: @badass_romance to show he wasn't gay to some bullies (I think :) @Miranda_Neville @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore

@GrowlyCub: @badass_romance that's how Nick and Eleanor met; his gay twin bro raped her @Miranda_Neville @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore

@badass_romance: @Miranda_Neville @RoseLerner remember who is raped by hero's (sad, gay) bro?? @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore

@badass_romance: @Miranda_Neville I love Skylark. But I misses huge chunks of convo....! can't @RoseLerner @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM Come to the dark side, we have cookies! :) @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub oh, i'll definitely be reading more.My poor credit card :-) @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb I'm not alone! :) @OkanovicM @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@emilyjanehubb: @OkanovicM count me in for Francis too. @GrowlyCub @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM the love or hate :) @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM you clearly have to read all those JoBevs so you can share @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM that was what I got from several discussions over the yrs @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub really?! I love Francis in this book. So much potential @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @GrowlyCub Me 3! Love Francis @jobourne @RoseLerner @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne then there's 2 of us; most ppl don't care for Francis @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @RoseLerner Skylark deals with gay issues @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance But no. No. Forbidden. I love that book.@GrowlyCub @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance But no. No. Forbidden. I love that book.

@GrowlyCub: @JanetNorCal me, so I think I'll find my copy and reread DM @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @JanetNorCal the hist rom I was reading isn't doing it for @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @JanetNorCal yes it is; I reread it not too long ago, but @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @RoseLerner @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Him, her, and brother. Talk about yer awkward 3-somes

@JanetNorCal: @GrowlyCub @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance I re-read that yesterday--it's excellent.

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner novella The Demon's Mistress @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville no duty that superceded private benefit seems alien to C18

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner Rogue book Forbidden (in which I seem very alone :) and the @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner my favorites are the Medieval The Shattered Rose, the 4th @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville And Fox was advocating duty just as strict, but to God. The notion of

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville or equivalent amng Irish and Scots. I mean, yes, George Fox. But rare

@RoseLerner: @GrowlyCub Not yet. Recs? @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Well ... don't think there was much debate on the king-and-country bit

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner did you read any of the others after this one? @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville sadly didn't deliver on its promise for me) @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville adultery, DV, rape of a male, drug addiction (altho that bk @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville you can say that for a lot of the early Rogue books :) @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville I agree! It came highly recommended. All a matter of taste. @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville :) @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @GrowlyCub It certainly is an interesting plot :) @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner my disbelief that she could ever trust him again @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner I had forgotten all about those things but it all feeds into @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville found that out. @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville the rest of the book for thinking how awful I'd feel if I @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville assaulted her. I found it deeply disturbing & couldn't enjoy @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville Yes but I couldn't get past that she didn't know which bro @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @RoseLerner IIRC bro tried to atone. Atoning is good. @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville lol! Oh well, in that case. @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @RoseLerner Broo was a SAD gay rapist. @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @jobourne & he allows her 2b friends w/his bro KNOWING he's her rapist @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@RoseLerner: @jobourne Not to mention wasn't the bro an evil GAY rapist? ::sigh:: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner fascinating! what do you remember of it? @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@RoseLerner: @jobourne iirc that was MY problem with him. @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville modified form of Nick's dilemma hitting a former CIA agent even today

@RoseLerner: @jobourne but doesn't he leave her alone w/his brother who raped her? @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@RoseLerner: @jobourne It's funny I don't even remember the spy stuff in that book. @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville It's a combination of the two, I think. And ... I can see some ...

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Or do we slap 2014 values into the character's heads? ...

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne but the 'mindset' of 1802 isn't a monolith @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville It's a big HistRom dilemma -- do we write the mind set of 1802? ...

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne at that time and since Eleanor does I can't quite give you that point :) @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne plausible only if you buy into the idea that nobody questioned that @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Is it plausible to you he would have been given the orders he got?

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville And that makes his choices plausible. He is a man of his times.

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville ... ROWING that canoe.

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I'd agree if reader were in doubt, but it's only Rafe who doesn't know @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville ... may I argue her relationship with Robin presented that appearance?

@jobourne: @badass_romance @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville Moral and ethical choices in emotional terms here.

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM books that produce so much thought and discussion @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @badass_romance @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville Bcuz Roms are books of emotion, we see ...

@GrowlyCub: and I'm with @MerrianOW it's kinda sad that we don't seem to have new @OkanovicM @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM books in the series :) there's certainly lots of discussion fodder @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM will be interesting to see if you still feel that way if you read more @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @jobourne @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville yes. When I look at the situation in this context it works for me.

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville hold these values. It's an 1802-think kinda book

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville but the mainspring of the story is the characters sincerely do ...

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville choice and may disagree with a society that holds these values. ...

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I was not convinced that there were no other solutions @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne the job I'd feel less icked by Nick, but in the end it comes down to, @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne possibly if I believed there really was nobody else who could have done @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville of England. And that it hurt. One may disagree that this is a valid...

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne yes, exactly bec that's what we are taught to value @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville and he was willing to sacrifice himself and Eleanor for the good ...

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub Will do. I know my overdrive lib has it. @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I do think Nck held his duty to country higher than to hid family. ...

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub too many @ here but i am really loving this bk. Only a bit more to go @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM I want you to read Shattered Rose and compare how you feel @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville i hate adultery also, and yet this book has me qstiong my comfort zones

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne ah, but she never slept with anybody but Rafe after they got together :) @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I like to think it would have worked as per Petals in the Storm

@badass_romance: @jobourne I agree. It's why these books generate such rich discussion. @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Well put. Relationships forged and tested.

‏@KeiraSoleore: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @emilyjanehubb @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville Let me look into Storify in an hour & a half. Now 1st, baby

@emilyjanehubb: @badass_romance I have no idea @KeiraSoleore @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@badass_romance: @KeiraSoleore That would be GREAT. I don't know how... @GrowlyCub @emilyjanehubb @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub @emilyjanehubb @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville An aside. Does anyone know how to use storify 2 show convo?

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne than I do bec I see duty vs duty @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne if you make it about duty v love then you frame a different question @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne is to honor his promises, including the one to his wife @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I guess my point is, I consider the love part irrelevant; his duty @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne right story can make everything work (Shattered Rose, Silk and Secrets) @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne favorites deal with, proving once again that the right author w the @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville For 'love versus duty' we have to, at least somewhat, respect duty

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne no, as a rule I say I stay away from adultery books and yet some of my @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne much as we've been taught :) @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne altho i'll give you that that doesn't jive with 'good of the many' as @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Then it's valuable as heck. We don't HAVE to like all tropes

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne a nation if he's unable to find a solution that harms the least ppl :) @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne and one could make an argument about how valuable a person can be to @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne decision to make but it didn't it harmed others than himself @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne if private happiness involved only him then sacrificing that is his @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville big duty to the nation versus duty that leads to private happiness

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville And that's very important point. Tho it's also --

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM who was the spy and had promised her boss not to tell Nick @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM also, I wonder if we would have this discussion if it had been Eleanor @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM bugs me is that duty to a man is more important than duty to a woman @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM not a major argument for me; as I said I've figured out about that what @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM maybe I don't remember right but I didn't think all did; but it's rly @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville but his friends all took part of this type of work at some stage

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore that we as a society have bought into and I do not agree that we should @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore yup, and I'll say again, there's an underlying hierarchy of value @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore valid bec he has a duty to his wife and family @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore yes and I'm sure that's a common perception; but I challenge that it's @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

‏@KeiraSoleore: 1h @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville As I said before, spies, undercover cops routinely sacrifice for their jobs

‏@KeiraSoleore: 1h @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I don't see as a mere promise to another man but rather duty v. Love

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne he put his promise to another man over his promise to a woman @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne this discussion has really clarified for me why I dislike him so much @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb put to the test @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb better if we could have seen it in other books bef it was @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb deliberate on JoBev's part but it might have worked @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb bec he's portrayed as so super smart. I'm sure that was @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb I agree on Lucien, but not on Nick, seriously mostly @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@emilyjanehubb: @jobourne here's my thoughts and solution @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne but they weren't all agents @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Gov secrets do not get whispered across the pillow, even today.

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville *cough* an entire corp of agents can know and tell their wives zilch

@jobourne: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville because Nicholas (a) creates that marital balance and (b) loves her

@badass_romance: @KeiraSoleore True. We r challenged 2 believe in HEA when such deep flaws must b overcome. @jobourne @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne another MAN damn it, now I'm losing words @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville to demand respect and truth from her husband. She is powerful

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne is of a higher value than his promise to a woman, his wife @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@buriedromance: @jobourne Quite so. That special connection & certain tropes subjective@GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne The underlying issue with that assumption is that his promise to another @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville Themes of forgiveness. And see how Eleanor feels she has the right ...

@badass_romance: @GrowlyCub I do love this discussion! Characters/stories worth debating are priceless. @KeiraSoleore @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance Heck. Why should U be able to follow it when I can't *g*

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne but he made vows to her too, breaking those was as dishonorable @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore I love how we have exactly the opposite reaction :) @badass_romance @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville would be dishonorable.

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville after having said he would. In 1802, for a man of his class, this

@emilyjanehubb: @jobourne can we make this easier to read your discussion? @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne buddies were in on it which to my mind makes the betrayal worse @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne if really nobody had known it would have been one thing, but all his @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville He should not, you would say, have obeyed his gov superior ...?

‏@KeiraSoleore: 1h @badass_romance Good point. Nicholas lied 4 duty, Lucien hit bcos he enjoys aggression @jobourne @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@badass_romance: @jobourne Nicholas lying is like Lucien hitting. Can we believe heroine's forgiveness? @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne yeah, the char limit really makes things diff @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville The most careful and respectful disagreements explode like grenades

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville *g* Not, unfortunately in 140 character exchanges. Drat

@badass_romance: @jobourne I think this book is also about whether a marriage can withstand lying @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne argument that he couldn't tell her is invalid bec all his buddies knew @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne wouldn't have had to lie and make his friends lie for him too @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne the job would have gotten done, his boss would have been happy and he @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne continued to fulfill his duty but he could have stopped lying to Eleanor @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne was doing to the woman he had promised not to harm, he could have @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Romance is the most personal of reads. Books work 4 us or they don't

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne bec the char as presented had a choice; when he realized the damage he @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne from you. @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne they aren't incomprehensible to me at all. I just interpret them diff @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville The heros actions become incomprehensible

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville believe 'duty' holds meaning, the story isn't going to work 4 her

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville When a novel is based on --"Duty or love" -- and a reader doesn't 1/2

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne well for me when it has a rather similar premise @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne we could have an interesting discussion why The Shattered Rose works so @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne that one doesn't for me and never will :) @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne make me ever consider him not a total utter louse; some things work @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne it's a very very personal reaction; there's nothing anybody can say to @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville IRL, folks in such positions do take orders seriously

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore his buddies @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Perfectly possible to say, 'that shouldn't matter' but ...

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore but he knew Eleanor suspected and instead of facing her he hid behind @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville IIRC that was mandated by his government boss.

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne and Eleanor but to the kid @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne as @Kaetrin67 said there are long term repercussions not just to him @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne any difficulty and the one time her really needed to, he failed @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne and also if he hadn't been blown up as such a genius who can get out of @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne forgivable one if he hadn't lied about it @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville unsatisfactory choices we all make IRL?

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Have we left our Rom heroes where they don't make the sort of hard 1/2

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville But I don't necessarily see difficult choices as making a 'martyr'

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne and he lied about all of it @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne he was so irreplacably important nobody else could have done the job @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne it for her? he did it for his 'honor' 'his country' and bec he thought @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne wait did you mean Eleonor with that? bec I so totally disagree that he @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I may have felt differently if he hadn't lied to her about it @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne why did that woman have greater claim 2his 'ethical' acts than his wife? @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville did it for a woman he did not know +an unborn child.

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne we'll not come to an agreement about him :) @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville It was his job! He cudn't involve civilian even at risk of future hsppiness

‏@KeiraSoleore: @jobourne @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Spies undercover cope routinely sacrifice 4 greater good & lie. Not egotist

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville his own chance for marital happiness and brought him no benefit.

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Nope. I like him. He performed an ethical act that greatly reduced 1/2

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne except to his martyr ego. And it wasn't just him in that relationship @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore think she deserved better. Nicholas is epitome of a megalomaniac egotist @OkanovicM @badass_romance @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub Doormat saint... Heh! @OkanovicM @badass_romance @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM it's bec she's a doormat saint :) @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @KeiraSoleore yes. Hard to see how she's going to make it wk,even tho I know she will @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @JanetNorCal it really is!Feel like I'm holdg my breath thru every word @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore

@JanetNorCal: @OkanovicM Hang in there--as painful as it is, isn't it exhilarating? @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore

@OkanovicM: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore this is heartbreaking. My stomach is in knots for Eleanor.

@JanetNorCal: @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville I do! And on April 1st, a new Rogues book (not fooling!)

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville yeah, I agree @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@Miranda_Neville: @GrowlyCub I like books to concentrate on current H/H. @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@Miranda_Neville: @GrowlyCub Loved him at first. Thought he started taking over other books @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville not enamored of Rothgar either but at least he's effective :) @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@Miranda_Neville: @jobourne Ha! Hate when Nick reappears. Also Rothgar @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub

@GrowlyCub: @JanetNorCal nothng he did later cld make up for not finding a better solution in his bk @KeiraSoleore @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@JanetNorCal: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM Like Nicholas too--no loser, what about Skylark/his disguise to solve mystery

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore self-delusion by everybody around him @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore no way; I see him as a loser who thinks he's all that and is encouraged in his @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

‏@KeiraSoleore: 20h @JanetNorCal Does play a good role in Forbidden but still feels privileged self-interested @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @jobourne

‏@KeiraSoleore: 20h @GrowlyCub Nah, not a doormat. A supportive spouse is what she is :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore neither will Eleanor or maybe she will bec she's a doormat :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@JanetNorCal: @KeiraSoleore @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @jobourne Lucien not self-involved, integral w/Beth to Forbidden, Dangerous Joy.

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub Heh. To you, Nicholas is a goody two shoes, hence the eye roll :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne fascinating to me how different my reaction is; I roll my eyes anytime he shows up :) @KeiraSoleore @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub He'd threatened Beth before he hit her. Can't believe he'll change. Nor will she forget :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore I can forgive Lucien bec I believe he won't do it again; Nick's the opposite :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM@jobourne: @KeiraSoleore @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub But I like Lucien too. I'm easy.

‏@KeiraSoleore: @jobourne Nicholas is a continuing char whose diff facets are unveiled in every book. He grows. @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub

@jobourne: @KeiraSoleore @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub Big fan of Nick. Good example of how to insert a continuing character.

@OkanovicM: @JanetNorCal @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore yes. And there are so many more :-)

@JanetNorCal: "@badass_romance: @OkanovicM Lucky you, reading for 1st time! Enjoy. @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore" My thought exactly

@KeiraSoleore: @OkanovicM One year I read them all in an orgy of reading. @JanetNorCal U remember? @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@badass_romance: @OkanovicM Lucky you, reading for 1st time! Enjoy. @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub @badass_romance @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore well, I wonder what group I will fall in. Off to read some more.

@badass_romance: @GrowlyCub Yeah. I get that. Unwilling Bride feels tighter. @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @badass_romance is supposedly super smart @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @badass_romance I just didn't believe that was the only thing he could do, esp since he @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@badass_romance: @GrowlyCub I like that these are challenging heroes; tough questions. @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I have a thing about what he does; as @Miranda_Neville I prefer Lucien to Nicholas @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

‏@KeiraSoleore: @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @jobourne I also like Nicholas's char across the series. Lucien is too self-involved imo.

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @miranda_neville @OkanovicM I have a problem w/ Lucien & what he does :) as opposed 2 what Nicholas does

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM Like both!

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I have a thing about what he does; as @Miranda_Neville I prefer Lucien to Nicholas @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@Miranda_Neville: @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM I'm with @GrowlyCub. Not a fan of Nicholas tho I love the series. Much prefer Lucien.

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore I think Nicholas is far from a genius. If he were he'd have found a diff solution :) I like Forbidden much better @OkanovicM

@KeiraSoleore: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub [An Arranged Marriage] One of JoBev's best books imo.

[Conversation begins here.]

Medieval Valentine's Day Terms of Endearments

Wish to distinguish your Valentine's Day compliments and endearments from the riffraff? How about polishing up your knowledge of Middle English? The Clerk of Oxford offers two lists here and here.

After reading those posts, you should be able to put something like this together:

myn lykyng, of alle women fairest to behold — the one I delight in, [you] are the fairest of all women to behold


dearling, my sweet leof — darling, my sweet life


This hevy lif I lede, lo, for your sake
Thogh ye therof in no wyse hede take,
Myn hertes lady and hool my lyves quene.

Picture Day Friday: St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

Just in time for the Olympics...

The Russian Orthodox St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow's Red Square is also known as The Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat and the Pokrovsky Cathedral. It was consecrated on July 12, 1561 and secularized in 1929. The cathedral is said to be the geometric center of Moscow. The building is shaped as a flame of a bonfire rising into the sky, a design that has no analogues in Russian Byzantine architecture from the fifth to the fifteenth century, according to architect writer Dmitry Shvidkovsky. It is a "strangeness that astonishes by its unexpectedness, complexity and dazzling interleaving of the manifold details of its design."

Fireworks explode above St Basil's cathedral during the Spasskaya Tower international military and music Festival in Red Square in Moscow.

Image copyrighted by AFP/Getty Images

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Georgian Chocolate Kitchen Discovered

Image copyrighted to History Extra Imagine having your own chocolate maker and your own chocolate kitchen filled with the latest modern cooking equipment including items made of expensive porcelain, copper, and silver, all just for making chocolate? This would be the height of elegance and decadence, would it not?

Well, during the reigns of kings William III, George I, and George II there was just such a kitchen in the Fountain Court of the Hampton Court Palace.

"The 18th-century chocolate kitchen is well preserved, with many of its original fittings, including the stove and furniture, still intact." The interior has been carefully restored as well as period-appropriate bespoken ceramics, glassware, silver, and cooking implements have been stocked.

After nearly 300 years, the doors will open on February 14 (when else?) to "host live Georgian chocolate-making sessions, showcasing the complex processes involved in the making of the [royal chocolate] drink."

Monday, February 10, 2014

17th Century London Rendered in 3D

Six Game Art Design students from the De Montfort University in Leicester collaborated together in February 2013 to enter the Crytek and the British Library's 'Off the Map' contest.

Their goal was to develop in 3D the area of 17th century London surrounding Pudding Lane.

Here are some details from the students' blog.

"We shall use modular buildings for most of the environment, and each of us will be responsible for developing an equal amount of 3D assets such as buildings, or smaller objects like barrels, boxes, stocks, market stalls, plague carts and so on. The environment should be as varied as we can get it without disregarding the source material; with some large open areas and other small narrow streets. Some areas could include a church or guild hall, others could include marked houses etc. [...] we do still want it to appear busy and overcrowded. The environment we produce needs to look historically accurate [...]. We need to look at things like architecture, living conditions, and the social culture of that time period. We should also look into the historic events that were taking place in London at that time such as the Black Death and the Great Fire."

[Click to see a larger image.]
Image copyrighted by

HERE are some screengrabs and a video flythrough.

What a fun project!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Picture Day Friday: Shakespearean Insult Bandages

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Much Ado About Shakespeare's 450th Birthday

Shakespeare was born on April 26, 1564 in Stratford upon Avon. His 450th birthday will be celebrated internationally with exhibitions, conferences, and performances of his plays.

The Folger Library in Washington D.C., which hold the largest collection of Shakespeare's works, will showing a first folio of the Bard's plays. In Paris, a week-long conference will be held for scholars, stage directors, and actors. Britain will be hosting "Shakespeare Week" in March, along with more than 1000 schools, drama theaters, and museums. And of course, the book publishers are right in the thick of things with a mountain of Shakespeare-themed books.

The coolest book, in my opinion, is by Dan Falk, a Canadian Science journalist. His book The Science of Shakespeare is to be released early next year. In it, he salutes both Galileo's (b. February 15, 1564) and Shakespeare's 450th birthdays and how each influenced the other.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tomb of Oldest English Royal Found

According to the History Today magazine: "Eadgyth of Wessex was born in 910. She was the daughter of Edward the Elder, King of Wessex from 900 to 924, and his second wife Aelfflaed and was the granddaughter of Alfred the Great. She was given in marriage to Otto I, [...] also known as Otto the Great, [who] succeeded his father Henry I as King of Germany in 936. He founded the Ottonian dynasty in Germany and, in 962, was crowned Holy Roman Emperor." Eadgyth died in 946 at age 36 and was initially buried at the Monastery of Mauritius in Magdeburg, Germany.

However, on January 20, 2010, the University of Bristol announced that the remains they found buried beneath a 16th-century monument in Magdeburg Cathedral were those of the Saxon Princess and German Queen Eadgyth. An inscription recorded on the lead coffin inside a stone sarcophagus said that it was the body of Eadgyth and she was reburied there in 1510.

From the shape of her thigh bones, the scientists confirmed that she was an avid horsewoman, thereby indicating her noble birth. According to the University of Bristol, "Isotope analysis of the bones suggested that she enjoyed a high protein diet, including a large quantity of fish, [which] suggests a high status aristocratic lady."

Using radiocarbon dating techniques, the textiles in the coffin revealed the correct range of dates for it to be Eadgyth. However, the bones gave inaccurate readings.

Her body was confirmed to be Eadgyth in fact by the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University by measuring the strontium and oxygen isotopes in the teeth of her upper jaw. They showed someone who had spent time as a youth in the chalky uplands of Wessex, which would've been Eadgyth's homeland. The local environment and its underlying geology is said to be locked into the teeth by age 14. Applying laser techniques to enamel isotopes, it is possible to "reconstruct the sequence of a person’s whereabouts, month by month up to the age of 14." Fascinating, isn't it?