Friday, February 14, 2014

A Conversation About Jo Beverley's Book "An Arranged Marriage"

Here's a detailed, passionate conversation on Twitter about @JoBeverley's books, in particular, "An Arranged Marriage" and "An Unwilling Bride." Also involves some of JoBev's other books.

The blog begins when I enter into the conversation. Debaters are: @GrowlyCub, @Miranda_Neville, @jobourne, @JanetNorCal, @OkanovicM, @badass_romance, @RoseLerner, @emilyjanehubb, @Kaetrin67, @IsobelCarr, @buriedromance, and @KeiraSoleore.

Read from the bottom up for full elucidation. Blame for any conversational errors are to be directed to TweetDeck.

@KeiraSoleore: Blogging discussion. Hard work. @GrowlyCub @JanetNorCal @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @RoseLerner @emilyjanehubb

@willaful: @GrowlyCub No no, it's ny favorite Beverley. :-) @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @IsobelCarr I'm so glad, was starting to think I was only 1 @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @RoseLerner @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@IsobelCarr: @Miranda_Neville @GrowlyCub @jobourne @RoseLerner @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance I'm another Francis/Forbidden fan.

@OkanovicM: @Kaetrin67 @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I think I am going to find continuing storylines fascinating

@Kaetrin67: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville the HEA. But I completely bought the conflict, both times.

@Kaetrin67: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville the author chose to show the long term effects and threaten

@Kaetrin67: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I liked Nicholas and AAM. But find it fascinating that

@GrowlyCub: @badass_romance to show he wasn't gay to some bullies (I think :) @Miranda_Neville @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore

@GrowlyCub: @badass_romance that's how Nick and Eleanor met; his gay twin bro raped her @Miranda_Neville @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore

@badass_romance: @Miranda_Neville @RoseLerner remember who is raped by hero's (sad, gay) bro?? @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore

@badass_romance: @Miranda_Neville I love Skylark. But I misses huge chunks of convo....! can't @RoseLerner @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM Come to the dark side, we have cookies! :) @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub oh, i'll definitely be reading more.My poor credit card :-) @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb I'm not alone! :) @OkanovicM @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@emilyjanehubb: @OkanovicM count me in for Francis too. @GrowlyCub @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM the love or hate :) @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM you clearly have to read all those JoBevs so you can share @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM that was what I got from several discussions over the yrs @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub really?! I love Francis in this book. So much potential @jobourne @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @GrowlyCub Me 3! Love Francis @jobourne @RoseLerner @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne then there's 2 of us; most ppl don't care for Francis @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @RoseLerner Skylark deals with gay issues @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance But no. No. Forbidden. I love that book.@GrowlyCub @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance But no. No. Forbidden. I love that book.

@GrowlyCub: @JanetNorCal me, so I think I'll find my copy and reread DM @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @JanetNorCal the hist rom I was reading isn't doing it for @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @JanetNorCal yes it is; I reread it not too long ago, but @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @RoseLerner @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Him, her, and brother. Talk about yer awkward 3-somes

@JanetNorCal: @GrowlyCub @RoseLerner @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance I re-read that yesterday--it's excellent.

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner novella The Demon's Mistress @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville no duty that superceded private benefit seems alien to C18

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner Rogue book Forbidden (in which I seem very alone :) and the @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner my favorites are the Medieval The Shattered Rose, the 4th @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville And Fox was advocating duty just as strict, but to God. The notion of

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville or equivalent amng Irish and Scots. I mean, yes, George Fox. But rare

@RoseLerner: @GrowlyCub Not yet. Recs? @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Well ... don't think there was much debate on the king-and-country bit

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner did you read any of the others after this one? @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville sadly didn't deliver on its promise for me) @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville adultery, DV, rape of a male, drug addiction (altho that bk @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville you can say that for a lot of the early Rogue books :) @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville I agree! It came highly recommended. All a matter of taste. @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville :) @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @GrowlyCub It certainly is an interesting plot :) @RoseLerner @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner my disbelief that she could ever trust him again @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner I had forgotten all about those things but it all feeds into @Miranda_Neville @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville found that out. @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville the rest of the book for thinking how awful I'd feel if I @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville assaulted her. I found it deeply disturbing & couldn't enjoy @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville Yes but I couldn't get past that she didn't know which bro @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @RoseLerner IIRC bro tried to atone. Atoning is good. @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @Miranda_Neville lol! Oh well, in that case. @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@Miranda_Neville: @RoseLerner Broo was a SAD gay rapist. @jobourne @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance

@RoseLerner: @jobourne & he allows her 2b friends w/his bro KNOWING he's her rapist @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@RoseLerner: @jobourne Not to mention wasn't the bro an evil GAY rapist? ::sigh:: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @RoseLerner fascinating! what do you remember of it? @jobourne @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@RoseLerner: @jobourne iirc that was MY problem with him. @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville modified form of Nick's dilemma hitting a former CIA agent even today

@RoseLerner: @jobourne but doesn't he leave her alone w/his brother who raped her? @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@RoseLerner: @jobourne It's funny I don't even remember the spy stuff in that book. @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville It's a combination of the two, I think. And ... I can see some ...

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Or do we slap 2014 values into the character's heads? ...

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne but the 'mindset' of 1802 isn't a monolith @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville It's a big HistRom dilemma -- do we write the mind set of 1802? ...

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne at that time and since Eleanor does I can't quite give you that point :) @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne plausible only if you buy into the idea that nobody questioned that @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Is it plausible to you he would have been given the orders he got?

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville And that makes his choices plausible. He is a man of his times.

@jobourne: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville ... ROWING that canoe.

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I'd agree if reader were in doubt, but it's only Rafe who doesn't know @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville ... may I argue her relationship with Robin presented that appearance?

@jobourne: @badass_romance @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville Moral and ethical choices in emotional terms here.

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM books that produce so much thought and discussion @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @badass_romance @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville Bcuz Roms are books of emotion, we see ...

@GrowlyCub: and I'm with @MerrianOW it's kinda sad that we don't seem to have new @OkanovicM @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM books in the series :) there's certainly lots of discussion fodder @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM will be interesting to see if you still feel that way if you read more @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @jobourne @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville yes. When I look at the situation in this context it works for me.

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville hold these values. It's an 1802-think kinda book

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville but the mainspring of the story is the characters sincerely do ...

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville choice and may disagree with a society that holds these values. ...

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I was not convinced that there were no other solutions @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne the job I'd feel less icked by Nick, but in the end it comes down to, @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne possibly if I believed there really was nobody else who could have done @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville of England. And that it hurt. One may disagree that this is a valid...

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne yes, exactly bec that's what we are taught to value @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville and he was willing to sacrifice himself and Eleanor for the good ...

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub Will do. I know my overdrive lib has it. @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I do think Nck held his duty to country higher than to hid family. ...

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub too many @ here but i am really loving this bk. Only a bit more to go @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM I want you to read Shattered Rose and compare how you feel @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville i hate adultery also, and yet this book has me qstiong my comfort zones

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne ah, but she never slept with anybody but Rafe after they got together :) @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I like to think it would have worked as per Petals in the Storm

@badass_romance: @jobourne I agree. It's why these books generate such rich discussion. @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Well put. Relationships forged and tested.

‏@KeiraSoleore: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @emilyjanehubb @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville Let me look into Storify in an hour & a half. Now 1st, baby

@emilyjanehubb: @badass_romance I have no idea @KeiraSoleore @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@badass_romance: @KeiraSoleore That would be GREAT. I don't know how... @GrowlyCub @emilyjanehubb @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub @emilyjanehubb @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville An aside. Does anyone know how to use storify 2 show convo?

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne than I do bec I see duty vs duty @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne if you make it about duty v love then you frame a different question @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne is to honor his promises, including the one to his wife @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I guess my point is, I consider the love part irrelevant; his duty @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne right story can make everything work (Shattered Rose, Silk and Secrets) @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne favorites deal with, proving once again that the right author w the @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville For 'love versus duty' we have to, at least somewhat, respect duty

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne no, as a rule I say I stay away from adultery books and yet some of my @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne much as we've been taught :) @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne altho i'll give you that that doesn't jive with 'good of the many' as @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Then it's valuable as heck. We don't HAVE to like all tropes

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne a nation if he's unable to find a solution that harms the least ppl :) @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne and one could make an argument about how valuable a person can be to @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne decision to make but it didn't it harmed others than himself @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne if private happiness involved only him then sacrificing that is his @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville big duty to the nation versus duty that leads to private happiness

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville And that's very important point. Tho it's also --

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM who was the spy and had promised her boss not to tell Nick @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM also, I wonder if we would have this discussion if it had been Eleanor @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM bugs me is that duty to a man is more important than duty to a woman @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM not a major argument for me; as I said I've figured out about that what @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM maybe I don't remember right but I didn't think all did; but it's rly @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville but his friends all took part of this type of work at some stage

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore that we as a society have bought into and I do not agree that we should @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore yup, and I'll say again, there's an underlying hierarchy of value @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore valid bec he has a duty to his wife and family @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore yes and I'm sure that's a common perception; but I challenge that it's @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

‏@KeiraSoleore: 1h @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville As I said before, spies, undercover cops routinely sacrifice for their jobs

‏@KeiraSoleore: 1h @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville I don't see as a mere promise to another man but rather duty v. Love

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne he put his promise to another man over his promise to a woman @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne this discussion has really clarified for me why I dislike him so much @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb put to the test @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb better if we could have seen it in other books bef it was @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb deliberate on JoBev's part but it might have worked @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb bec he's portrayed as so super smart. I'm sure that was @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @emilyjanehubb I agree on Lucien, but not on Nick, seriously mostly @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@emilyjanehubb: @jobourne here's my thoughts and solution @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne but they weren't all agents @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Gov secrets do not get whispered across the pillow, even today.

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville *cough* an entire corp of agents can know and tell their wives zilch

@jobourne: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville because Nicholas (a) creates that marital balance and (b) loves her

@badass_romance: @KeiraSoleore True. We r challenged 2 believe in HEA when such deep flaws must b overcome. @jobourne @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne another MAN damn it, now I'm losing words @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville to demand respect and truth from her husband. She is powerful

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne is of a higher value than his promise to a woman, his wife @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@buriedromance: @jobourne Quite so. That special connection & certain tropes subjective@GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne The underlying issue with that assumption is that his promise to another @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville Themes of forgiveness. And see how Eleanor feels she has the right ...

@badass_romance: @GrowlyCub I do love this discussion! Characters/stories worth debating are priceless. @KeiraSoleore @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @emilyjanehubb @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance Heck. Why should U be able to follow it when I can't *g*

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne but he made vows to her too, breaking those was as dishonorable @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore I love how we have exactly the opposite reaction :) @badass_romance @jobourne @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville would be dishonorable.

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville after having said he would. In 1802, for a man of his class, this

@emilyjanehubb: @jobourne can we make this easier to read your discussion? @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne buddies were in on it which to my mind makes the betrayal worse @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne if really nobody had known it would have been one thing, but all his @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville He should not, you would say, have obeyed his gov superior ...?

‏@KeiraSoleore: 1h @badass_romance Good point. Nicholas lied 4 duty, Lucien hit bcos he enjoys aggression @jobourne @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@badass_romance: @jobourne Nicholas lying is like Lucien hitting. Can we believe heroine's forgiveness? @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne yeah, the char limit really makes things diff @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville The most careful and respectful disagreements explode like grenades

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville *g* Not, unfortunately in 140 character exchanges. Drat

@badass_romance: @jobourne I think this book is also about whether a marriage can withstand lying @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne argument that he couldn't tell her is invalid bec all his buddies knew @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne wouldn't have had to lie and make his friends lie for him too @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne the job would have gotten done, his boss would have been happy and he @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne continued to fulfill his duty but he could have stopped lying to Eleanor @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne was doing to the woman he had promised not to harm, he could have @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Romance is the most personal of reads. Books work 4 us or they don't

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne bec the char as presented had a choice; when he realized the damage he @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne from you. @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne they aren't incomprehensible to me at all. I just interpret them diff @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville The heros actions become incomprehensible

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville believe 'duty' holds meaning, the story isn't going to work 4 her

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville When a novel is based on --"Duty or love" -- and a reader doesn't 1/2

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne well for me when it has a rather similar premise @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne we could have an interesting discussion why The Shattered Rose works so @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne that one doesn't for me and never will :) @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne make me ever consider him not a total utter louse; some things work @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne it's a very very personal reaction; there's nothing anybody can say to @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville IRL, folks in such positions do take orders seriously

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore his buddies @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Perfectly possible to say, 'that shouldn't matter' but ...

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore but he knew Eleanor suspected and instead of facing her he hid behind @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville IIRC that was mandated by his government boss.

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne and Eleanor but to the kid @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne as @Kaetrin67 said there are long term repercussions not just to him @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne any difficulty and the one time her really needed to, he failed @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne and also if he hadn't been blown up as such a genius who can get out of @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne forgivable one if he hadn't lied about it @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville unsatisfactory choices we all make IRL?

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Have we left our Rom heroes where they don't make the sort of hard 1/2

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville But I don't necessarily see difficult choices as making a 'martyr'

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne and he lied about all of it @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne he was so irreplacably important nobody else could have done the job @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne it for her? he did it for his 'honor' 'his country' and bec he thought @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne wait did you mean Eleonor with that? bec I so totally disagree that he @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I may have felt differently if he hadn't lied to her about it @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne why did that woman have greater claim 2his 'ethical' acts than his wife? @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville did it for a woman he did not know +an unborn child.

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne we'll not come to an agreement about him :) @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville It was his job! He cudn't involve civilian even at risk of future hsppiness

‏@KeiraSoleore: @jobourne @GrowlyCub @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Spies undercover cope routinely sacrifice 4 greater good & lie. Not egotist

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville his own chance for marital happiness and brought him no benefit.

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville Nope. I like him. He performed an ethical act that greatly reduced 1/2

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne except to his martyr ego. And it wasn't just him in that relationship @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore think she deserved better. Nicholas is epitome of a megalomaniac egotist @OkanovicM @badass_romance @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub Doormat saint... Heh! @OkanovicM @badass_romance @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@GrowlyCub: @OkanovicM it's bec she's a doormat saint :) @KeiraSoleore @badass_romance @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @KeiraSoleore yes. Hard to see how she's going to make it wk,even tho I know she will @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@OkanovicM: @JanetNorCal it really is!Feel like I'm holdg my breath thru every word @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore

@JanetNorCal: @OkanovicM Hang in there--as painful as it is, isn't it exhilarating? @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore

@OkanovicM: @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore this is heartbreaking. My stomach is in knots for Eleanor.

@JanetNorCal: @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville I do! And on April 1st, a new Rogues book (not fooling!)

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville yeah, I agree @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@Miranda_Neville: @GrowlyCub I like books to concentrate on current H/H. @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@Miranda_Neville: @GrowlyCub Loved him at first. Thought he started taking over other books @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @Miranda_Neville not enamored of Rothgar either but at least he's effective :) @jobourne @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@Miranda_Neville: @jobourne Ha! Hate when Nick reappears. Also Rothgar @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub

@GrowlyCub: @JanetNorCal nothng he did later cld make up for not finding a better solution in his bk @KeiraSoleore @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@JanetNorCal: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM Like Nicholas too--no loser, what about Skylark/his disguise to solve mystery

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore self-delusion by everybody around him @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore no way; I see him as a loser who thinks he's all that and is encouraged in his @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

‏@KeiraSoleore: 20h @JanetNorCal Does play a good role in Forbidden but still feels privileged self-interested @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @jobourne

‏@KeiraSoleore: 20h @GrowlyCub Nah, not a doormat. A supportive spouse is what she is :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore neither will Eleanor or maybe she will bec she's a doormat :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@JanetNorCal: @KeiraSoleore @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @jobourne Lucien not self-involved, integral w/Beth to Forbidden, Dangerous Joy.

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub Heh. To you, Nicholas is a goody two shoes, hence the eye roll :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne fascinating to me how different my reaction is; I roll my eyes anytime he shows up :) @KeiraSoleore @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub He'd threatened Beth before he hit her. Can't believe he'll change. Nor will she forget :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore I can forgive Lucien bec I believe he won't do it again; Nick's the opposite :) @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM@jobourne: @KeiraSoleore @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub But I like Lucien too. I'm easy.

‏@KeiraSoleore: @jobourne Nicholas is a continuing char whose diff facets are unveiled in every book. He grows. @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub

@jobourne: @KeiraSoleore @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub Big fan of Nick. Good example of how to insert a continuing character.

@OkanovicM: @JanetNorCal @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore yes. And there are so many more :-)

@JanetNorCal: "@badass_romance: @OkanovicM Lucky you, reading for 1st time! Enjoy. @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore" My thought exactly

@KeiraSoleore: @OkanovicM One year I read them all in an orgy of reading. @JanetNorCal U remember? @badass_romance @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville

@badass_romance: @OkanovicM Lucky you, reading for 1st time! Enjoy. @GrowlyCub @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore

@OkanovicM: @GrowlyCub @badass_romance @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore well, I wonder what group I will fall in. Off to read some more.

@badass_romance: @GrowlyCub Yeah. I get that. Unwilling Bride feels tighter. @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @badass_romance is supposedly super smart @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @badass_romance I just didn't believe that was the only thing he could do, esp since he @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@badass_romance: @GrowlyCub I like that these are challenging heroes; tough questions. @jobourne @Miranda_Neville @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I have a thing about what he does; as @Miranda_Neville I prefer Lucien to Nicholas @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

‏@KeiraSoleore: @Miranda_Neville @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub @jobourne I also like Nicholas's char across the series. Lucien is too self-involved imo.

‏@KeiraSoleore: @GrowlyCub @jobourne @miranda_neville @OkanovicM I have a problem w/ Lucien & what he does :) as opposed 2 what Nicholas does

@jobourne: @GrowlyCub @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM Like both!

@GrowlyCub: @jobourne I have a thing about what he does; as @Miranda_Neville I prefer Lucien to Nicholas @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM

@Miranda_Neville: @KeiraSoleore @OkanovicM I'm with @GrowlyCub. Not a fan of Nicholas tho I love the series. Much prefer Lucien.

@GrowlyCub: @KeiraSoleore I think Nicholas is far from a genius. If he were he'd have found a diff solution :) I like Forbidden much better @OkanovicM

@KeiraSoleore: @OkanovicM @GrowlyCub [An Arranged Marriage] One of JoBev's best books imo.

[Conversation begins here.]