Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Illuminated Manuscript Prizes

Illuminated Book Of Kells Folio 292r Circa 800 Gospel Of JohnAnnouncing the Lucky Four !!!

But first and foremost, thank you to JULIA QUINN for writing these marvelous stories that we all love to read and talk about for years to come, and for her generosity in gifting these great prizes.

Thank you also to everyone who visited. It sure has been good to be in the company of equally enthused fans of JQ these past two days.

Romance RadioYou can hear JQ talk about her book on Romance Radio, where she also discusses thoughts of killing folks, experience with voyeurism, and adoring lively gossip. She also dishes on her next book and her favorite authors.

I'm confident that those of you who haven't yet read JQ's WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON will do so lickety-split.

Without further ado, Ms. Random Selector has chosen the following two prize winners.

....drum roll...

A C True and Froggie

Ms. Random Selector has also chosen the following two runners-up.

....drum roll...

Zeee and Arianna Skye

Please send your snail mail details to keira (at) keirasoleore (dot) com, and I will get your fabulous prize packs in the mail!

{Illuminated Book Of Kells, Folio 292r, Gospel Of John, Circa 800}