Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Petition: Veritas Nominations for 2010

Sarah WendellI would like to petition all members of the RWA to nominate Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and Joanne Rendell of Huffington Post for the 2010 RWA Veritas award.

Candy Tan"RWA's Veritas Award may be given annually for the article that appears in print or in another medium that best depicts the romance genre in a positive light." The nomination form is here and nominations for 2010 are taken by RWA through November 30, 2009.

Joanne RendellWith Rendell's blogs and articles and Wendell's and Tan's blogs, articles, conference presentations, and workshops, these women have put in a tremendous amount of work and countless hours in conveying an insider's perspective of the romance publishing industry to a vast audience. It is time we recognize that nothing equals the passion and committment of these advocates who were and will always be readers and fans first and who believe in the power of the romance novel.

Again, the nomination form is HERE. Go nominate!


Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the Smart Bitches blog, I wouldn't say that it always "depicts the romance genre in a positive light." The very name of the blog calls romance novels 'trashy books.' They aren't my first choice.

Keira Soleore said...

Thanks for your comments, Anon. Have you read their book Heaving Bosoms? Like the book, the site name is a tongue-in-cheek I'll-call-it-before-you-do title. But you listen/read their interviews, supporting articles, and conference presentations (for example, the Princeton scholarly one on romance novels) and there's much more to it than mere 'romance novel fan.' They go beyond in drawing attention to how romance novels fit in the literary map and overall cultural fabric.

What do you think about Joanne Rendell?