Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lessons in French GIVEAWAY #3 & EXCLUSIVE

Copyright SourcebooksWe're at Day Three of the LESSONS IN FRENCH giveaway. Today, Laura is chatting with us about her writing life and a silly, lightning round. Laura also has an exclusive peek into her current work-in-progress just for the readers of this blog.

KS: Laura, thanks for continuing on in our conversation. I come from the PNW, a land of tall trees and mists. So I completely identify with your need for open spaces and the sun. Do you walk a lot (daily?) in your land of mountains and sunshine?

LK: Yes, depending on the weather. I just [on Tuesday] got back from a short hike with Ventoux through the melting snow and increasing mud and slush. It's beautiful, but slippery!

KS: What's in the works for the next destination in your globe travels?

LK: I might go with my husband to northern Italy and Prague for our (insert significant number here) anniversary this year. But I'd better get crackin' on the plans if we are going to!

KS: What drew you to writing historical stories? Did the interest come up through your education or extra-curricular reading (under covers with a flashlight) during aforementioned Serious Educational Pursuits?

LK: Actually, I just happened to sell a historical manuscript first. I had started a couple of contemporaries. But I dropped them when I sold THE HIDDEN HEART and never regretted it. I really enjoy historical research, plus I don't have to keep up with current slang. ;)

KS: Would you consider writing a contemporary or in any of the other sub-genres of romance, or even a pure historical fiction story?

LK: I might consider writing a book about John of Gaunt. WOLF HALL made me think of it. I doubt I'll actually do it, though.

KS: Having gobbled up, er, very carefully read LESSONS IN FRENCH a few times, I'm dying waiting for an answer to this question: What's next for you? When?

LK: I have ideas. Some are gelling, some aren't.

KS: What about reprints of your past hurrahs?

LK: Most of my books, except the four that I did for Berkley, are in print or ebook form. By May, Sourcebooks will have re-issued THE HIDDEN HEART, UNCERTAIN MAGIC, MIDSUMMER MOON, SEIZE THE FIRE, and THE PRINCE OF MIDNIGHT. From Avon, THE SHADOW AND THE STAR and FLOWERS FROM THE STORM have never been out of print.

KS: And here's where I adopt a wheedling tone: How about one teeny exclusive tidbit about your current work-in-progress?

LK: How about this?

In January, 1825, the Bank of England held a gold reserve worth 17 million pounds.
By September, 1825, this reserve had dropped to 3 million pounds.
At the end of November, three country banking houses were the first to fall.
On the 12 of December, 1825, the crash which struck terror and alarm throughout London commenced...
History of the Bank of England, John Francis, 1862

KS: Thank you, thank you very much! And now, for the lightning round...

Favorite Color: sea green
Winter or Summer: winter
Spring or Fall: fall
Cactuses or Evergreens: hmmm, both
Favorite Dish (you've made): Sour Cream Enchiladas
Favorite Dish (you've eaten out): El Fenix bean and cheese nachos (notice a trend?)
Walks or Jogs or Hikes: Hikes
Favorite Word: concatenation
Knit or Sing: neither!
Favorite Movie: Shakespeare in Love
Mayonnaise or Mustard with your Fries: Mayo

Be Brilliant: Should you marry him? The next time he surprises you, notice whether it's for the better or the worse. If for the better, grab him. If for the worse, run.

KS: Laura, it's been a right pleasure having you here on this blog. Thank you for your time.

Copyright SourcebooksWhat do you readers think of the exclusive peek? What would your answers to the lightning round be?

Comment to be entered to win one of four copies of LESSONS IN FRENCH from publisher Sourcebooks.

In the comments to Tuesday's blog, Laura Kinsale asked a question of her readers: "What animal that I haven't used yet should be the mascot in my next book with an English setting?"


Calila1988 said...

Hmm, thats a very interesting sneak peak. I am now intriged.

My answers-

1. Dark dark dark purple
2. Winter
3. Fall
4. Evergreens
5. Beef & Veggie Stew
6. Cheng Tu Steak
7. Hikes
8. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
9. Neither
10. Dirty Dancing
11. Neither

Helen said...

Great interview Ladies and I do love that sneek peek into the banking system sounds very intriguing maybe a hero and heroine falling in love in hard times or a hero and heroine to the rescue?

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Surf and Turf
How about vinegar

The last question I can't answer I need to catch up on all of your books to see which animals you have used first Laura although I am sure it will be a good one. I am jumping up and down here this morning I have won a copy of Lessons In French on the Cassablana Blog YAY lucky me.

Thanks again Keira
Have Fun

pjpuppymom said...

This has been such a fun week, Keira!

Here are my answers:

Favorite Color: Red
Winter or Summer: Summer
Spring or Fall: Fall
Cactuses or Evergreens: Evergreens
Favorite Dish (you've made): Beef Stew
Favorite Dish (you've eaten out): Chinese Beef & Broccoli
Walks or Jogs or Hikes: Walks
Favorite Word: happy
Knit or Sing: sing!
Favorite Movie: Too many to name just one
Mayonnaise or Mustard with your Fries: Ketchup, please

Keira Soleore said...

Calila, Helen, and PJ: Thanks for joining in the fun this week.

Looks like beef and beef stew are very popular.

You're so funny. Hippoetcetc. I'd love to know what you pictured in your head as you wrote that. Never had Cheng Tu Steak. Do you have a link to an online recipe?

Anachronistic and with lots of historical errors it might be, but I adore BRAVEHEART the story and Mel Gibson as Wallace. It's stirring, touching, and makes you stand up and cheer multiple times.

Yes, I'd say "happy" was your favorite word. Also: kind, smile, content, and chocolat, mais oui.

Keira Soleore said...

So here are my answers...

Favorite Color: yellow-orange
Winter or Summer: summer
Spring or Fall: spring
Cactuses or Evergreens: both
Favorite Dish (you've made): herbed dinner rolls (so proud they rose and fluffed)
Favorite Dish (you've eaten out): chicken caesar salad
Walks or Jogs or Hikes: hikes
Favorite Word: discombobulation
Knit or Sing: sing
Favorite Movie: Jungle Book
Mayonnaise or Mustard with your Fries: neither (ketchup or salt & vinegar)

Katherine Hall said...

Laura, you always uncover interesting events from history to explore. :) I remember a blurb in my high school precalculus book about Evariste Galois, a brilliant French mathematician who was killed in a mystery-shrouded duel. Imagine my amazement when I began to read FFTS. It seemed that in the character of Jervaulx you took advantage of the uncertain history of this situation and explored what might have happened if Galois hadn't actually been killed, but had instead suffered a stroke and been sent away and reported dead. I thought this was nothing short of awesomely clever and dreamily intellectual. If I had not already been a die hard fan of yours, that would have clinched it!

I can't wait to see how you tie your burgeoning characters to the Bank of England panic. I had no idea they'd invested so much in an imaginary Latin American country (Poyais). However did this happen?!

Interestingly, there is already a novel about the financial panic of 1825: "Ovington's Bank" by Stanley J. Weyman. However, there's no way on this planet it can hold a candle--nay, a match--to anything Laura will contrive, of course. Will she repurpose the real-life rogue MacGregor into the story's antihero? His history has all the proper earmarks. Ah, how scintillating the speculation is!

Barbara E. said...

Lessons in French sounds like such a great book.
My answers:
Favorite Color: Blue
Winter or Summer: Summer
Spring or Fall: Fall
Cactuses or Evergreens: Evergreens
Favorite Dish (you've made): Pasta
Favorite Dish (you've eaten out): Fresh grilled halibut
Walks or Jogs or Hikes: Walks
Favorite Word: Book
Knit or Sing: Neither-but I crochet
Favorite Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Mayonnaise or Mustard with your Fries: Mustard

Barbara Monajem said...

1. Red, always red.
2. Both
3. Both
4. Evergreens
5. Too many to mention
6. Ditto
7. A combination of all three
8. Toothsome
9. Both, but not usually at the same time or in public
10.Hmm... The Princess Bride?
11.Vinegar and salt

I would love to read a story about John of Gaunt!

Keira Soleore said...

Katherine, I had no idea about the history behind Galois. How fascinating, and how cool that Laura based her story on him! Yor speculations about the banking scandal theme are further whetting my appetite for the story. Tough to wait and see what magic she can weave...

Keira Soleore said...

Barbara E., Indy can always be counted on for a good time. Talk about character development in the first three movies! And books, yes. Favorite word, favorite image, favorite smell, favorite sight...pleases all senses and the mind. Now if only they were nutritionally supplemental, I'd be all set. :)

Barbara M., "I'm Inigo Montoya..."--sigh! I'm a goner for him and also for the larger-than-life fairytale. Despite everything clearly being exaggerated, the story's timeless and so much fun.

Spav said...

My answers would be:
1. Violet
2. Summer
3. Spring
4. Evergreens
5. Pizza
6. Nachos with cheese and guacamole
7. Jogs
8. Awesome
9. Sing
10. Little Miss Sunshine
11. Neither

Rachel said...

I'm a bit late to this party but I'm keeping my vote with a sturgeon for the next mascot (fish variety rather than Major:).

These are really great interviews and I've enjoyed reading them!