Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Dream the Dream

Susan BoyleIs there anyone who can listen to Susan Boyle at her audition for Britain's Got Talent and not have a smile on their face, tears in their eyes, and goosebumps on their skin?

Her story is the stuff of dreams. A woman plucked from obscurity, her buried talent uncovered, the transformation waiting to be wrought. So what if she's 47 years old, has never been to a big city before, and dresses in an out-moded fashion. That smile of hers lights up her face in pure beauty and her voice causes souls to shiver in delight. This brave soul took her courage in her hands to pitch her one hope of having her singing talent recognized and met with success beyond anything she'd ever dreamt possible.

Ask authors Anna Campbell or Trish Milburn or Diane Gaston whether it was worth pursuing the publishing dream in the face of year after year of fear, rejection, and despair. And they will come back with a resounding, "YES!" The fruit of their work—the printed books on the shelves, the awards, the accolades from readers—has been infinitely sweeter than anything they'd imagined possible.

Like Susan Boyle, we, aspiring writers, have to take our talent in our hands and courageously step forward to the computer day after day to write and send our pages out in the that, one day, we, too, may receive our own standing ovation.

An aside...

Disney Princesses Fantasy FaireDisney Sleeping Beauty CastleLast week for Spring Break, we were on our first trip to Disneyland, a place "where happily ever after happens every day," because Disney professes to be in the "dream-making business." Disney hiring Susan Boyle permanently for their show would be the awesomesauce of win!

Another aside...

Twelve-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi wowed the judges at Britain's Got Talent audition.


Diane Gaston said...

I feel like such a bad mother - I never took my kids to Disneyland or Disneyworld. We did go to Busch Gardens several times, though.

Another inspiring story from Britain's Got Talent is Paul Potts

I think one thing we--Anna, Trish, me, Paul, Susan, Shaheen (what a darling)--have in common is that we all wanted this so much that we couldn't stop. I so admire Susan Boyle and Paul Potts who could so easily have believed that how others saw them was how they really were. They knew they were something wonderful inside.

Truth is, we are all something wonderful. We just have to have the courage to be that person--even if the something wonderful is merely a mother who takes her kids to Disneyland.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Keira, what an inspirational post. Isn't that Susan Boyle video amazing? Gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it and still does. And I love that song - I'm a Les Miz groupie! Diane, your answer was almost as inspiring as Susan Boyle!