Friday, February 5, 2010

Lessons in French GIVEAWAY #4

Copyright SourcebooksToday's the last day of the four-book LESSONS IN FRENCH giveaway extravaganza by Sourcebooks. And since today's also my reguarly scheduled Picture Day Friday, let's take a look at Laura Kinsale's covers as they've changed publishers and/or gone through reprintings. (Go here and click on the book titles to read Laura's commentary on the covers.)


Uncertain Magic by Laura KinsaleUncertain Magic by Laura KinsaleUncertain Magic by Laura KinsaleUncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale


Midsummer Moon by Laura KinsaleMidsummer Moon by Laura KinsaleMidsummer Moon by Laura Kinsale

Which covers do you like? Is there something you'd like to see done for the covers that's not currently being done (or conversely, something not done that's being done)?

Copyright SourcebooksToday's the last day of the Laura Kinsale giveaways. Comment to add your name to be chosen to win a copy of LESSONS IN FRENCH.

FOUR winners will be announced on Monday, February 8. So be sure to check back then to see if your name was one of those chosen.


Amber Leigh Williams said...

I love the Lessons in French cover. It caught my eye when I first saw it on a review site several months back and it's been on my auto-buy list ever since. I can't wait to read it :)


Helen said...

Covers are really beautiful and haven't they changed over the years. One thing that I don't like with a cover is if they haven't got the hero or heroine of the story with the correct coloured hair on the cover I just wish that they could get that right it doesn't happen often but it has happened.

Have Fun

Keira Soleore said...

Amber, the LIF cover's fabulous, isn't it? Sourcebooks did a good job with that cover and the other reprints they're putting out this year.

Helen, yano, why is it that something so basic gets lost in the design? It's not like the hero and/or the heroine and/or other characters don't comment on hair or other facial characteristics often enough in the book. A quick readthrough should be sufficient to suss out the correct colors.

Spav said...

I liked better the new covers. They look very elegant, although sometimes it looks like the same cover with different dresses.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I love all the covers but like Helen I get annoyed when the hero and heroine doesn't have the right hair color. As you say Keira, how hard could it be to do a quick read and see. Usually that little item is mentioned fairly early in a book. I think the covers without the people are classy looking but they just don't have a historical look to them.

Rachel Jameson said...

I think the covers are great, and so fantastic to see the changes throughout the years!
How lucky to have so many re-releases!

PJ said...

The new covers are so beautiful. Lessons in French immediately caught my eye, as did the new covers for Uncertain Magic and Midsummer Moon. They set the mood for the story before I've read a single word.

Keira Soleore said...

PJ and Spav, the new covers are certainly well executed with thought put into what the stories are about.

Dianna, I agree with you and Helen there, most certainly.

Rachel, I'm thankful LK's books went through multiple reprintings. Hoping that all her OOPs see a similar reniassance.