Monday, February 7, 2011

Riskies Meme

Author Carolyn Jewel posted a blog meme on the Risky Regencies on February 4th. I'm posting my answers here:

Answer or complete the following questions in comments, or at your blog and leave a link to your blog in a comment:

1. When I think of Mr. Darcy, he...
is smiling tenderly at Lizzie as she frowns while reading in full concentration.

2. Lord Masterful greets YOU at a ball. You look down to see what he's staring at and discover...
your right sleeve's fallen down and a lot more of your bosom's on show than you'd intended.

3. One of my favorite Regency-set novels is...
An Arranged Marriage by Jo Beverley.

4. If you could meet Lord Byron, what would you ask him?
How does licentiousness aid in beautiful meter for poetry?

5. You wake up and find yourself in a Regency historical novel. What's the plot?
I've time-traveled to the Regency and am attempting to introduce computers and intranet networking to a team of nobles at Oxford. Our lab is the IT department. Of course, the son of a duke falls in love with me. Duh.

6. A Regency fairy-godmother grants you three Regency wishes. What are they?
I take the aforementioned duke back to my time period. He retains his beautiful Regency manners in the modern world. And we remain blissfully happy for 70 short years.

7. If you could change ONE fact about the Regency what would it be?
Soft toilet paper

8. Napoleon writes you a letter. What does he say?
I'm madly in love with your magnifique rack. Marry me?

9. How many exquisite slippers are in your wardrobe?

10. How do you take your tea?
Hot with sugar and cream