Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Castle for Sale

Image copyrighted by If you have a few millions euros lying around, may I suggest purchasing this beautiful Château Chanzé in the Loire Valley of France?

The Loire Valley is famed for its enchanting vistas and it's gorgeous castles and churches. Being located close to the towns of Angers and Saumur, Chanzé is ideally located to explore the Loire Valley.

Image copyrighted by Chanzé has a pedigreed history. From the eleventh century onwards, the castle has stood on the banks of the river Layon, a tributary of the Loire. King Henry IV is reputed to have stayed a night on his journey south. In the latter half of the 19th century, efforts began to restore the castle. In 1993, the present owners, Heinrich and Maria Albertina Stoesser-Gliott of Switzerland bought the estate and completed its restoration.

Image copyrighted by Chanzé sits on six hectares of land and is currently operated as a bed and breakfast inn and restaurant. The property comes with four cottages that house up to 14 guests. For privacy, your personal space will be separated from the B&B by 5000 square meters of gardens.

While the castle still boasts its medieval two-meter-thick walls and high ceilings and its seventeenth and eighteenth century antique furniture, modern accoutrements, such as a heated swimming pool, a sauna, a dishwasher, a microwave, and a washing machine have been added. And yes, there's running hot water and flush toilets. (You laugh, but with medieval castles, you just never know.)