Friday, February 8, 2013

Picture Day Friday: Sahibaan Mahal

Sahibaan Mahal, in Khadaro of the Badin district of Sindh in Pakistan, is a modern remaking of an ancient palatial style influenced by the Taj Mahal. Sahibaan Mahal was built by Mir Khuda bux Talpur, one of the members of Royal Mir family, for his wife. It was completed in early 1940s during the time of the British Rule of India and Pakistan.

The property is about four acres. The castle has five entrances, six minarets, two terraces, and a round swimming pool. Each minaret has a room with a balcony and colorful windows. The swimming pool can also be reached by an underground tunnel, though the pool is outdoors.

(The famous story about Talpur is that he kept a private women force that guarded him.)