Monday, March 18, 2013

Medieval Knight in an Edinburgh Car Park

After the three kings, it's the knight's turn now. And he's been found in a car park, too. They should simply dig up all the car parks in Britain.

The car park was being cleared to build a new Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. Knowing that the site was the location of the 18th Century Old High School, the 16th Century Royal High School, and the 13th Century Blackfriars Monastery, archeology experts were already involved in the dig. So it wasn't too much of a surprise when they came across an elaborate sandstone slab, with carvings of a Calvary Cross and an ornate sword, marking the grave of a nobleman. The skeleton and grave have now been dated to the 13th century like the Blackfriars Monastery, which was founded in 1230 by Alexander II and destroyed during the Reformation.

(See the BBC article for the photograph and more details.)