Friday, August 30, 2013

Picture Day Friday: Simon Marmion Book of Hours from Bruges

The Simon Marmion Book of Hours from Bruges, Belgium (c. 1480). Folios 103v & 104 depict the Vespers with The Massacre of The Innocents in Marmion Style, with borders in Fitzwilliam 268 Style

From Wikipedia: "Left page shows King Herod ordering his soldiers to kill the firstborn, with one soldier in the foreground killing the baby of a woman who pleads for its life. Through the doorway onto the courtyard beyond is another soldier doing the same thing. Page on right of gothic style text with illuminated initial letter D with large golden flower device in gold on black. Borders of both pages with decorative flowers, leaves, acanthus, in gold on a deep blue ground with figures of knights, a mermaid, a soldier killing a child, and a seated woman."

Image copyrighted by Wikimedia Commons