Monday, February 10, 2014

17th Century London Rendered in 3D

Six Game Art Design students from the De Montfort University in Leicester collaborated together in February 2013 to enter the Crytek and the British Library's 'Off the Map' contest.

Their goal was to develop in 3D the area of 17th century London surrounding Pudding Lane.

Here are some details from the students' blog.

"We shall use modular buildings for most of the environment, and each of us will be responsible for developing an equal amount of 3D assets such as buildings, or smaller objects like barrels, boxes, stocks, market stalls, plague carts and so on. The environment should be as varied as we can get it without disregarding the source material; with some large open areas and other small narrow streets. Some areas could include a church or guild hall, others could include marked houses etc. [...] we do still want it to appear busy and overcrowded. The environment we produce needs to look historically accurate [...]. We need to look at things like architecture, living conditions, and the social culture of that time period. We should also look into the historic events that were taking place in London at that time such as the Black Death and the Great Fire."

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HERE are some screengrabs and a video flythrough.

What a fun project!