Monday, April 14, 2014

Conference on Women in Anglo-Saxon England

Starting tomorrow, the University of Manchester is hosting a three-day medieval conference at Hulme Hall in the Victoria Park area of Manchester.

For £90 (£60 for students and state-dependent individuals), you're allowed to attend the lectures and discussions and partake of the refreshments and the wine reception at the Women in Anglo-Saxon England conference. The conference runs April 15–17.

Some of the interesting talks that I'd love to attend are:

The Wife’s Lament: Possibly the Most Perfect Anglo Saxon Riddle Ever Written

Embroidery Workshops

Women's work in Anglo-Saxon food production

Vocabulary for Man, Woman and Person in Old English Prose

Female names in Old English

Women's health

Female Power and Authority in the Seventh Century

Early Anglo-Saxon elite female jewelry

Female Identity and Foster-Relationships in Old English Literature

Scholarly Women of the Later Seventh Century: Learning, Liturgy and Luxury: an insight through the words of Aldhelm of Malmesbury, first Bishop of Sherborn