Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10 Category Reading Challenge of 2014

The original 10-10 challenge was to read 10 books in 10 categories by October 10, 2010. I modified that to: read any number of books in 10 categories, other than romance, by December 31 to finish the challenge. Also the overarching aim was to reduce the TBR mountain. The challenge has worked so well for me for the past few years that I've decided to keep it going every year.

Unfortunately this year, I read in only eight of the ten categories I had set out to read. The categories I missed were Parenting and Organization (self help).

Detective, Mystery, Suspense, Crime, Thriller
—"Murder at Hatfield House" by Amanda Carmack
—"Why Kings Confess" by C.S. Harris
—"The Cuckoo's Calling" by Robert Galbraith
—"Silkworm" by Robert Galbraith

Children's & Young Adult
—"Into the Woods: Warriors: Tigerstar & Sasha" by Erin Hunter
—"Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism" by Georgia Byng
—"The Titan's Curse" by Rick Riordan
—"The Bubble Collector" by Vikram Madan

Literary Fiction
—"Einstein's Dreams" by Alan Lightman
—"Pride & Prejudice: the movie adaptation" by Deborah Moggach
—"The Foundling" by Georgette Heyer
—"All You Can Dream Buffet" by Barbara O'Neal
—"Longbourn" by Jo Baker
—"The Game of Kings" by Dorothy Dunnett

—"The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran
—"Robert Frost" edited by Gary D. Schmidt
—"The Bubble Collector" by Vikram Madan

Biographies & Memoirs
—"Weathering Winter: A Gardener's Daybook" by Carl Klaus
—"The Year of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion
—"Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion" by Derek Hough

General Nonfiction
—"Stradivari's Genius" by Toby Faber
—"From Bath With Love" by Bob Croxford

—"Word Wizard: Super Bloopers, Rich Reflections, and Other Acts of Word Magic" by Richard Lederer
—"MFA vs NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction" edited by Chad Harbach

—"Women Who Dared" by Evelyn Beilenson & Lois Kaufman
—"The Girls' Book of Wisdom" edited by Catherine Dee
—"The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran