Friday, April 27, 2018

Royally Yours: A Fiction Serial Inspired by the Upcoming Royal Wedding

Inspired by the world’s most anticipated royal wedding and the movie Love, Actually, Serial Box and Rakuten Kobo will release Royally Yours, a six interconnecting episode fiction serial on May 2. Written together by the New York-based writing team comprised of Megan Frampton, K. M. Jackson, Liz Maverick, Kate McMurray, and Falguni Kothari, each of the fun and flirty episodes will be released in e-book and audio formats on Wednesdays and Fridays over three weeks (May 2–18). The first episode is free and each subsequent episode is $1.99, and the whole series is $8.99.

The Royally Yours romance stories are about the magic and joy of a royal wedding and feature a palace maid with a heart of gold, a milliner who dreams of seeing her designs adorn the pews, an American bodyguard who learns some British charm, a paparazzo after that one great shot, and an ordinary girl who dreams of being a princess.

Some Thoughts by the Authors on their Experience

Megan Frampton says...

"I have never written this way—in collaboration with four other others and according to a thoroughly-plotted story. It was a blast to just insert my words into the framework we'd created. I found my writing style changed a bit (also because I was writing contemporary, whereas I normally write historical), and I'm now thinking about trying it again at some point."

K.M.Jackson says...

"Writing this way was a new and exciting experience for me. Since what I normally do is so solitary, it was fun to collaborate with others. I imagine it gave a bit of a glimpse of what it must be like to be in a TV series writers' room, which is a secret dream of mine. Though it was a little bit of a challenge keeping the stories connected, it kept us all sharp. Keeping them short ensured that the pacing was fast."

Liz Maverick says...

"This was an amazing experience. Brainstorming with other writers is one of the pleasures of this career, but it often only comes when something has gone wrong with a story. In this case, the brainstorming was a central part of the job. I absolutely adored working in the writers' room hashing out the details of our connected story. To me, 'short' simply means that you've got to bring your best game to the collaboration. You've got to get the emotional connection, character development, plot, and connective threads to shine on the page in a nice, compact box. Since we try and do that with every book we write, it's just a matter of making every single sentence really, really count. No room for darlings, tangents, or subplots. The end result is a sparkling, fast-paced read."