Saturday, July 26, 2008

Packing, part 3 of x: Almost, Almost

By Saturday one o'clock, we'd just returned from a birthday brunch, my bag was totally full, with more clothes to go, and tragically, no business cards in hand yet. Staples messed up the order thrice.

The third time, I had two hours to go before heading out to the airport and more clothes to iron and stuff, er, lay out carefully, into the one suitcase Virgin Airlines allowed me to carry for free. So I made do with the glossy (isn't matte!) photocopying with lighter inks, crammed clothes into suitcase, and sniffled on the ride to the airport.

Now, I've been security-screened and am posting from the airport gate.


terrio said...

I zipped my one suitcase yesterday. Even though I don't leave until Wed. Still can't believe I fit it all in one suitcase. Now, the carry-on. This should be interesting.

Safe trip!

Keira Soleore said...

I have fifty pounds even in my suitcase. My carry-on was just my laptop. But I have two large pre-paid priority mail boxes to bring home the free books. :)

SF's cold (fifties-sixties), especially in the night. So be sure to bring warm clothes if you're going to step outside the hotel. Expect gray days.