Monday, July 28, 2008

Touring and Packing (the redux)

GoogleGoogleI've been in SF exactly 38 hours now. I've brunched at Mimi's Cafe, taken an ethusiastically guided tour of the Google campus in Mountain View, taken a drive-by tour of the famous spots of San Francisco, and supped on haute Vietnamese cuisine at Bong Su in the SoMa (South of Market) area of San Francisco, couple blocks from the RWA conference hotel.

GoogleGoogleThe secret techie inside me was thrilled by the tour of Google. What an exciting place to be. A simple idea. A complex problem. An enormously successful business plan. Et voilà. A dynamic company is born, thrilling users, developers, and investors alike.

Today I'm to lunch at the Samovar Tea Lounge that has it's own Internet TV channel, blog, in-the-news, podcasts, iTunes, in addition to a food-and-tea pairing menu. Sounds üaut;ber delish. Dinner's to be at Chez Papa Bistro. I could eat the menu. Looks très, très magnifique, n'est ce pas? After being in foodie heaven, it's going to be back to packing for my move to the hotel, with the promise of Nepali food next Sunday before I get shipped to the airport and home.

[Edited: OMGosh. My palate's permanently exploded. At the Tea Lounge, I had the Russian Chay Platter with zavarka black tea from the samovar.]

My conference day starts bright and early tomorrow when I meet Diane Gaston for breakfast and a tour of the city, followed by lunch with Amanda McCabe and more touring with them. Then I meet my roomie at the Marriott, check-in, register, and stuff bags for Wednesday's Historical Romance Writers' Conference. Then there are drinks with the extraordinary duo of Waxcreative Emily Cotler and Abi Bowling (recommended by Avon editor Lyssa Keusch, and dinner with Kalen Hughes. At which point, I shall repair to the bar to recoup and regroup before heading to the room to collapse in preparation for four intense days of conferencing.

RomanistasSo, Romanistas: If you're on your way to RWA, are you excited or panicking or both?

What is the one takeaway you're looking forward to from the conference?

If you're at home and reading this blog, what is the one thing you want me to look for and blog about for you?


Kelly Krysten said...

Oh, just blog about everything! I can't wait to see pics and hear about the things you've learned and the people you've met. It's fun to live vicariously!

Emily Cotler said...

Keira! Thanks for carving some time out of your busy social schedule for me and Abi. You have so many great ideas. I hope I run into you again (although I am in a fixed spot -- please come say "hi" again!) ---Emily

Abi Bowling said...

Keira - I put a cute pic of you taking a pic of Em on the WaxBlog.

It was a pleasure to meet you in person!


Keira Soleore said...

Kelly, I'll blog soon. I just finished uploading all the pictures to Facebook with detailed comments. I'll post the links up here with more day-to-day details coming up.

Emily and Abi: It was great seeing you two and running into you again and again. One of the best parts of the conference: Even with 2500+ folks there, I ran into my favorites over and over.