Monday, August 11, 2008

RWA Conference Photos

With Anna Campbell[Edited 8/12: The album links are all working now.]

[Edited 8/11: So. After I spend a few hours uploading and annotating the pictures on Facebook, I find out that it doesn't allow non-Facebook people to see them. Now, I'll have to come up with a different plan. Aargh!]

I've uploaded photos from the conference with detailed notes to my Facebook. Here are the quick links to all the coolness with daily notes to follow.

Album One
Album Two
Album Three

With Jane Porter With Diane Gaston


Diane Gaston said...

Oh, I'm glad you are putting the photos in photobucket! I'm eager to see them. I love the one of us on the pier, although I look a bit like a Bowery Bum!


Anna Campbell said...

Keira, what fun photos! I managed to get into Facebook to check them out. I love the one of me cuddling Michelle Buonfiglio like she's a koala! You went everywhere and met everyone! What's your secret, girlfriend? Wasn't it a fun conference? I'm so glad we got together, in spite of the mix-up that I'm positive was totally my fault. Thanks for sharing those great pictures.

Annie West said...


A slightly recalcitrant computer this morning so have only viewed the photos on this page so far. Lovely! Have to say you have the most fantastic smile! I can feel the warmth from here. Those conference vibes are fantastic.

I particularly like the one of you with our Anna Campbell. And that pink top - ooh, la la!

(wishing she'd been there)

Emily Cotler said...

GREAT photos, Keira. Awesome. It was WONDERFUL seeing you at conference.