Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finish the Thought... or at least part of it

Finish the thought by replacing the blogger's comments after the ellipsis with your own. Thanks to photojournalist Theresa Klisz for this fun meme.

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... was fun.

2. I am listening to.... father-daughter argue over lunch.

3. I talk... a lot.

4. I love... sitting by the window watching it snow.

5. My best friend... is in Africa right now.

6. My first REAL kiss.... happened in the foyer of a rented student apartment with an "older" boy.

7. Love is... where you least expect it.

8. Marriage is... work.

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... "Boy, do I hate the bright sun."

10. I'll always be grateful for... friendships.

11. The last time I really cried was because... I was watching Cranford.

13. When I wake up in the morning... my first thought is how soon can I be sitting on the porcelain?

14. Before I go to bed... I snuggle into the bedclothes.

15. Right now I am thinking about... dressing in warm clothes to go grocery shopping for Purim goodies, like the hamentaschen cookies.

16. Babies are... cute, hence they survive.

17. I get on Facebook... because I am nosey.

18. Today I... took advice from Emily Cottler and scheduled a few posts.

19. Tomorrow I will be... still here in the same house in the same city.

20. I really want to be... on a beach in Hawaii.

21. Someone that will most likely re-post this... will be much wittier.


Ruth said...

I just moved that to an e-mail and sent it to my best friend in the question. Thanks for a nice fill in the blank.

sheandeen said...

That looks like fun, but what happened to #12?

Keira Soleore said...

Ruth and Sheandeen, welcome to my blog.

Ruth, hope your friends enjoyed your posts.

Sheandeen, no clue where #12 went. In all the copy and paste from one friend to the other, it must've gotten lost somewhere. Make up something new, and I'll post it up. :)