Thursday, May 21, 2009

Illuminated Manuscript Prize!

Illuminated Book Of Kells Folio 292r Circa 800 Gospel Of JohnWe have a WINNER!!

Thank you to Vanessa Kelly for a fun visit and for leading a lively discussion on tortured heroes and heroines.

Thank you also to everyone who visited. I love Vanessa's MASTERING THE MARQUESS so it's good to see others equally enthused about the book.

Without further ado, Vanessa's Ms. Random Selector has chosen a prize winner. It is...


Please send your snail mail details to keira (at) keirasoleore (dot) com, and I will make sure you get your fabulous prize!

{Illuminated Book Of Kells, Folio 292r, Gospel Of John, Circa 800}


Vanessa Kelly said...

Congratulations, Kelly!

And thank you for having me on, Keira. I really had fun!