Monday, May 25, 2009

In Praise of the Pickle

Last Monday, I posted about Napoleon's Pickle. Today, I'm talking about an entirely different kind: the dill pickle.

  • Aristotle praisd their healing effects in 350 B.C.

  • Julius Caesar fed them to his tropps, supposedly believing they lent physical and spiritual strength.

  • Cleopatra insisted that eating them enhanced her beauty.

  • Christopher Columbus brought them to the new world on the 15th century voyage.

  • Are you fan of dill pickles with your hamburgers? Or relish with your hot dog? Count me in, as a huge fan of sliced pickle.


    Anna Campbell said...

    Actually, sorry, Napoleon, but I just don't like pickles. That strong vinegar flavour has never been my favourite. Now if only ice-cream and chocolate tasted like vinegar! ;-)

    Keira Soleore said...

    I love dill pickles, in fact the tarter and crispier the better. I don't like the sweetish relish-like flavors, just the plain tart for me.

    (Tarts and pickles--oh, what a muddle!)

    Diane Gaston said...

    I like pickles of all kinds! Sweet and Dill. I love relish on hot dogs.

    When I was a kid my neighbor's grandmother made sweet pickles out of watermelon rinds. Yum....

    Keira Soleore said...

    Pickles out of watermelon rinds? I'm salivating at the thought. How delicious.

    Last year, we had so many apples from our trees, I baked and pickled them, in addition to giving them away by the bagfuls.

    Anonymous said...

    Pickles helped prevent scurvy on ships. I also love a sour pickle, but not so much I'd have the flavor on a Hawaiian Ice snow cone! They actually had real pickle juice as a flavor choice at this one stand I frequented. I'll stick with coconut thank you. I have a pickle ornament that we got from Germany, we use it as a tradition each year on our Christmas tree. Each year, the child that finds the pickle gets to open their presents first. :) Diana