Thursday, June 18, 2009

HEAs, Heroes, and Chocolates

"I want my own Barack Obama" has become the shorthand for a tall, handsome, educated, well-mannered, eloquent, sensitive, sexy, family-oriented, ambitious, down-to-earth hero with integrity and character for a happily ever after (HEA).

Listen up, American Women: If I were to ever write such a hero, I'd be the laughingstock on the NYC publishers' slush pile. Not even in fiction, can one such as he exist. He may have shades of many of those qualities, but he's not perfect, nor is he immune to missteps and aggregious unpopular choices. No one outside a family can really know what is truly going on within the family, but this family has weathered the rough times by valuing each other and the good times and compromising for the better good of the family. If one must have a role model, none is better than he, not because he is perfect, but because his character stems from how he manages his missteps.

A man may not be perfect, but chocolate can be. Here are two examples: Truffili di Pellegrini and Tammy's Tastings.

What is your definition of perfection in a box?