Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amanda McCabe for the RITA

Copyright Amanda McCabe and Mills & Boon It gives me the GREATEST of pleasures to know that AMANDA McCABE has been nominated for the RITA for her novella "Charlotte and the Wicked Lord" in the anthology Diamonds of Welbourne Manor.

Copyright Amanda McCabeHere's what Amanda has to say about her nomination: "I'm especially pleased it's this story, since I got to work on this novella with my good friends Diane Gaston and Deb Marlowe. And also because I have two spin-offs from this story coming out! A novel about Nicholas and Lady Emily and another novella Mistletoe and Folly that'll be out this Christmas."

I adored Diamonds as I blogged here. Here's what librarian Super Wendy has to say about it: "The Diamonds Of Welbourne Manor is one of the strongest anthologies I've read in recent memory, and any (or all) of the stories could have been nominated and 'deserved' it. That being said, the Deb Marlowe story was my favorite."

I've known Amanda for a few years now. I started out with becoming a regular visitor to her group blog the Risky Regencies in the early days of her blogging foray. I then graduated to becoming a fan of her work. From there on, we forged a path towards friendship that has only strengthened over the years. She's a writer, whose work has largely been under the radar, which is rather unfortunate. Her talent, her prolific output all deserve the attention that I hope this RITA nomination will bring.


Amanda McCabe said...

Keira, you're too sweet! I think all the Harlequin Historicals authors should hire you as publicist. :) I've been nominated twice before, so maybe three times is the charm...

And this really is a very special story to me (and Deb is also a nominee!). Lots of friends got "the call" today so it's been a wonderful few hours.

Keira Soleore said...

Maybe you all need to put a tag in the bototm of your notes like Diane Gaston does: "Keira's not my publicist." :)

Isn't it marvelous that Deb's also a nominee for the same anthology?