Friday, May 7, 2010

Picture Day Friday

Medieval Manor House... courtesy of author Jo Beverley.


Maili said...

Some friends have houses similar to that. And I dislike staying at those houses.

/whine mode on/
Some door frames were low (my forehead still throbs at the memory of hitting a few of those), the floors were rather lop-sided especially the landings, and windows were tough to open.

And most rooms were - this is what kills me the most - dark and gloomy, even on sunny days.
/whine mode off/

On the other hand, the fireplace - usually in the foyer - was seriously awesome on a bitter cold day. Then again, on the same day, sleeping in a bedroom was akin to sleeping in a hole-riddled tent. :D

Externally, it's a pretty house, but internally for an overnight stay or two? I'd rather sleep outside in a damp garden.

Keira Soleore said...

Bwahahaha. Sleep outside in the damp garden rather than a hole-ridden tent?

And here I was thinking it's sooo romantic! *sigh*

I mean even the current modern houses are far draftier than its American counterparts. So something as ancient as this? A sieve palliative more than cozy shelter is what it is.

You have friends with such houses?? Ahem. Introductions, please... :)