Friday, January 7, 2011

End of Year Meme

Meme was conceived in 2010 by the students and lecturers of the Visual Communication studio at the Tasmanian School of Art.

The rules of this end-of-year meme is to post the first sentence from the first post of each month.

Date: January 1
Title: Picture Day Friday
Line: Happy 2010! Kick up your heels and celebrate the start of the new year and new decade!

Date: February 1
Title: Giveaways: Lessons in French
Line: As promised on Friday, here's more information about the LESSONS IN FRENCH by Laura Kinsale giveaways.

Date: March 1
Title: Children in Stories
Line: We visited a working farm this past weekend, on one of those rare spring days when they open it up to visitors, particularly the little ones, who enjoy seeing baby animals.

Date: April 2
Title: Picture Day Friday
Line: You know how some things cause your heart to thrum in excitement? Here're what does it to me...

Date: May 3
Title: Going Historical...1
Line: In a departure from my usual blog style, here are bits and pieces of the Middle Ages in the news currently...

Date: June 1
Title: Our London Itinerary
Line: My husband proclaimed that if we all forgo inessentials, such as eating, sleeping, and bathing, and all three of us do things in parallel (the old English war tactic of divide and conquer) and then compare notes, we might, possibly, be able to cover the main items on my list (per advice from all of you).

Date: July 2
Title: Picture Day Friday
Line: Robin Hood's Bay, England

Date: August 2
Title: I am Home...And in a Video
Line: Smart Bitch Sarah Wendell took a music video of folks at the RWA Literacy Autographing last Wednesday evening. She had various people lip-synching to a soundtrack.

Date: September 10
Title: Picture Day Friday
Line: (image)

Date: October & November
Title: No posts

Date: December 5
Title: Health!
Line: Open Letter to the Readers of Cogitations and Meditations: I apologize for the long unexplained silence my end.