Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Re-Reading Georgette Heyer

Cambridge University is also following suit after Princeton and Brisbane in hosting a conference on critical reading of popular romance. In this case, Lucy Cavendish College will be examining works by Georgette Heyer (8/16/1902–7/4/1974) as part of a series that includes, Virginia Woolf, and Jane Austen.

10:15 Jennifer Kloester: ‘The Life of Georgette Heyer'

10:45 Jay Dixon: ‘Heyer and Place’

Georgette Heyer11:15 Laura Vivanco: ‘”So educational!”, she said. “And quite unexceptionable.” The Nonesuch as Didactic Love Fiction.’

12:00 Mary Joannou: ‘Heyer and Austen’

12:15 Sam Rayner: ‘Publishing Heyer: Representing the Regency in Historical Romance’

12:45 STRUCTURED DISCUSSION: literary value … her place in academic study … her construction of the Regency world

2:00 Kerstin Frank: 'The Thermodynamics of Georgette Heyer: Variations on the Quest for Revitalisation'

2:30 Catherine Johns: ‘Class and Breeding’

3:00 Sarah Annes Brown: ‘Lady of Quality and Homosexual Panic’

3:15 K. Elizabeth Spillman: ‘Cross Dressing and Disguise in Heyer’s Historical Romances’

3:45 STRUCTURED DISCUSSION: gender and cross dressing … sexual politics … issues of class and race


Cara King said...

What fun!


Keira Soleore said...

It sure is, Cara. I'm so pleased to see popular romance, particularly Heyer, getting well-deserved attention from the literachur world.