Monday, September 7, 2009

Eloisa James's Design-a-Duchess Challenge

Copyright Eloisa JamesEloisa James has come up with a fabulous contest. It's not only a contest with very cool bookish prizes, but there's also the tantalizing unknown of something Parisian for each of the five winners. As if this weren't enough, grown women (and men) get to play with paper dolls to their heart content, with nary a guilty feeling, because this is all for period research. So grab your glue gun and your scrapbooking supplies, and start read these simple instructions.

Copyright Eloisa James
Download the Paper Doll & Clothes (designed by the wonderful artist Laurie Manifold), print the four pages, choose a dress and a wig or a hat, and decorate her costume however you'd like! The decorated examples you see on this page (click to make them bigger in a pop-up window), were created by Eloisa James and her daughter. They cut out fancy paper and then stuck jewels on top. You could use markers, crayons, fabrics, ribbons, or photoshop. Anything you'd like!

Copyright Emily Cotler and WaxCreative
When your doll dress looks absolutely perfect, write your name on the back of each piece, package it carefully (you can send doll and dress and wig or just dress and wig or just dress), or scan it following very explicit directions, and send your entry and entry form by snail mail before October 15 to: Eloisa James Paper Doll, PO Box 300, Goshen, IN 46527-0300.

For more details and a FAQ, visit Eloisa's website or the Wax Creative blog.