Monday, September 23, 2013

Lectures at the Hampton Court and Kensington Palaces

The historic royal palaces of Hampton Court and Kensington offer lectures on various topics during the year. In the fall, here are some of the conservation talks you can attend.

Face to Face with the Emperors
Tuesday, September 3, 6:30–8:30pm, Hampton Court Palace
Eight terracotta Emperors have looked down from Hampton Court Palace gatehouses on important historical events since the time of Cardinal Wolsey in 1521. You will be able to learn more about these remarkable survivals and see them face-to-face on a scaffold tour.

Royal Wedding Dresses
Monday, September 30, 6:30–8pm, Kensington Palace
Learn more about the conservation challenges in caring for, displaying and conserving royal wedding dresses. Following a talk by conservators you will have the unique opportunity of a private view of Queen Victoria’s wedding dress, on display as part of the Victoria Revealed exhibition and learn about the material and construction of this very special item in our collection.

Caring for the Tapestries
Thursday October 17, 6:30–8pm, Hampton Court Palace
Find out from the conservators how our magnificent collection of tapestries has been cared for over the past 100 years.