Monday, September 9, 2013

Poet William Blake's Cottage is For Sale

William Blake image copyrighted by Out of the blue, I blogged on June 19 about two of William Blake's poems: Eternity and Auguries of Innocence. I had picked up a copy of Blake's selected works, and was seized with a desire to share how much joy I was deriving from my reading.

Image made available by Wikimedia Commons In a case of cosmic coincidence, I found out today that Blake's cottage is up for sale. He lived in this house in Felpham, West Sussex, England from 1800 to 1803.

The home is on what is now known as Blake's Road. It hasn't been on the market since 1928 and is listed for a song at $978,000.

Of his house, Blake wrote, "Sussex is certainly a happy place and Felpham in particular is the sweetest spot on earth," to his friend Thomas Butts in 1801.

You can now experience some of the joy Blake experienced here.