Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Richard III's Bones...Take 2

Image copyrighted by English Monarchs I blogged here about how the last Plantagenet medieval king Richard III's remains were found late last year beneath a car park by the scholars at University of Leicester.

At the time, it was unanimously agreed that Richard would be reburied at the Leicester Cathedral. As a result, "Leicester Cathedral has begun a £1m rebuilding project to accommodate the king's tomb while the city council plans to build a £4m visitor center commemorating his life," according to the BBC.

Unfortunately for these plans, the Plantagenet Alliance, which includes 15 of Richard III's relatives, want a York Minster burial, claiming it was King Richard's wish. In other words, a royal argy-bargy brangle! They have challenged the decision of the Ministry of Justice, which granted the University of Leicester the right to dig and thus also the right to choose where to re-bury him.

"Mr. Justice Haddon-Cave said he would grant the review 'on all grounds' but warned the parties against beginning an 'unseemly, undignified and unedifying' legal tussle. He urged the parties to 'avoid embarking on the legal Wars of the Roses part 2'." Heh. Love an erudite person, don't you?