Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Calf's Head Hash & Other Recipes from the Georgian Era

The Georgian Cookbook of Unknown Ladies is long on meat dishes and short on veggies.

"The handwritten compendium of recipes, which traverses the years 1690 to 1830, was re-discovered by Judith Finnamore, local studies librarian at Westminster Council’s Archives Centre, who believes she was the first to open it in over a century."

Some of the delicacies mentioned in the 300-year-old book, include roast sheep's head, cow heel, calf’s head hash, veal kidney florentine, and mince pies with calves' tongues in them.

"Now Finnamore and her colleagues have begun trying out these recipes themselves, thus turning the compendium of recipes into its modern-day counterpart, a food blog.