Monday, October 21, 2013

Do You Write in Your Books?

Read It Forward asked on their Facebook page, "Do you write in your books?" They then posted the following chart of their readers:

So, I ask you, "Do you write in your books?"

Let me say first of all that I never write in library books. I write a lot in my textbooks. I also underline and highlight. I also tend to write in my nonfiction books. My fiction books have the least writing, usually, it's proofreading marks, once in a while if I'm confused over something or mad at someone in the story, then I write that in.

I have noticed that I read differently when I read fiction with a pencil in hand. I'm constantly aware of every word, whereas otherwise, I would've been enthralled in the world of the story.

I cannot read nonfiction without a pencil in hand. It's a compulsive habit, to commit to long-term memory by scribbling and underlining. I also feel this is necessary to quickly find the salient points when I come back for a second reading or for quick referencing.

I don't dog-ear books, and I make regular use of bookmarks. I have a largish collection of bookmarks from authors, bookstores, etc. I also use postcards and other such stiff cardstock implements that always remind me of some event or someone.

I take good care of my books, because having them sit on my shelves gives me so much joy. I find joy in reading and joy in looking at them, smelling them, touching them, riffling through them. Sigh! Love!