Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Michael Wood on King Alfred the Great

Very unfortunately, the following documentary is only for UK residents. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, it'll come out on DVD, like other of Michael Wood's works, or it'll be broadcasted by PBS.

From the BBC website: "King Alfred the Great fights a desperate guerrilla war in the marshes of Somerset—burning the cakes on the way—before his decisive victory at Edington. Creating towns, trade and coinage, reviving learning and literacy, Alfred then lays the foundations of a single kingdom of 'all the English'. Filmed on location from Reading to Rome, using original texts read in Old English, and interviews with leading scholars, Michael Wood describes a man who was 'not just the greatest Briton, but one of the greatest rulers of any time or place'."

Historian, a trained Anglo-Saxonist, and broadcaster, Michael Wood is best known for his books and programs, such as "The Story of England," "The Story of India," "Conquistadors," and "In Search of the Dark Ages."

The British Library blog talks about the involvement of two of their curators, one conservator, and several of their Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in the project.